Hi my name is Nicolas and i’m from Argentina.
I been in Photography since 1993.You know in those times only analog cameras  photographers got it and for me film photography steel being the best way to make photography,but the advantages of digital and the improvements are better now.
I learn photography by myself the first year,then i started to study in a photo club for about a year and a half,and then i found  a photography school in Buenos Aires,i been there for almost 3 years.
Most of the times i been working in all kind of events,(weddings,birthdays,schools and rock concerts).
But in 2001 i decided to change Argentina for EEUU,so i sold my equipment and came to Miami for a few months and then somebody told me about Memphis Tn,you know i love music especially Jazz,Blues and Rock so i’v decided to move to Memphis.
In Memphis i’v been working in all kind of jobs to make some money and buy digital equipment.Know i’m back and very happy to start my business again.
I hope you like my work,see you,Nick.

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